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So, a guy I know was interested in doing the re-design of the website for my company, Adamant Entertainment.

Problem is, he’s dropped off the face of the earth, and doesn’t answer my emails.

I need a complete site re-design. Should be fairly simple, though. All I need is a main/news page which I can update regularly myself, and a few pages describing our various product lines. The Adamant forum is remotely hosted, and I’ve just found out that RPGNow also offers a remote product catalog, which can be customized (background color, image sizes, columns, etc.), so that removes the need for direct product pages.

If anybody reading this is interested in designing a clean, professional website for me, ping me in the comments. There is pay involved (rate negotiable).

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  1. I know of someone that talked about promising to redo a webpage, and who also seems to have fallen off the face of the earth (although I did get a birthday email, back in November – ON my birthday….). Wonder if it’s the same person.

  2. I’ll have a look- and knowing your design sense- maybe I can help with the structure and you can take it from there? (I *know* you can design it) I’ll have a look at the links tonight. There is no way your site could be as huge a task as my own, which I meed to start with cascading style sheets at some point, etc. yadda yadda.

  3. Yo Gareth,

    Assuming your host has PHP/mySQL support, I can probably whip up a WordPress-based site pretty quickly; it will all be templated, and you’ll be able to add news and new pages via a web interface yourself, after the initial design is done, so you won’t be reliant on me for updates. Feel free to drop me a line at adamj at dumpshock dot com if you want to discuss things further.

  4. timing

    Gee… I just posted the exact same request on my blog (flametoad.com) a couple days ago. 12 to Midnight needs a redo too. If you find someone that works out for you, do you mind pointing him our way?

  5. Unfortunately, my host offers PHP support, but to get mySQL support, I’d have to pay literally double my current rate.

  6. I’m fairly sure I can design it, too….but it’s more a matter of TIME, rather than ABILITY. I just don’t have the time to spend on site design, as I’ve got my hands full with production.

  7. I’ve been doing freelance web design for a few years: simple, attractive HTML/CSS for voluntary organisations and local authority-led partnerships. (Some samples accessible here.) I’m in the UK though, so any payment would have to be via PayPal.

  8. That’s unfortunate; WordPress is pretty awesome, especially now that you can edit pages and not just news posts right over the web. Without knowing whether double your current rate is an extra $5 or an extra $20 a month, though, it’s hard to say for sure if it would be worth the investment.

    [And man, that’s relatively cheesy of the ISP, providing PHP but no mySQL, when the two practically go hand-in-hand…]

  9. Ack, that’s harsh — and I assume you don’t need the other benefits that upgrading hosting likely includes. [I’d guess it includes more bandwidth, more disk space, etc.]

    Well, nuts to that idea, then.

  10. I often get the impression that hosting is more expensive in the States – anyone care to comment? The outfit I use here in the UK does a hosting package with both for about £60/yr, though with a level of pay as you go on bandwidth.

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