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  1. That looks pretty good. An improvement anyway. Couple of comments:

    * Fiddling with text size (cos it was illegible on my default of “smaller”) I found larger text mucks up the layout of the content panels on the page. Maybe need to tweak table formatting.

    * Mistyped “renowned” in first para.

  2. site comments

    The new site looks pretty good, amigo. Three things, though:
    1. The headers need to be larger.
    2. You need a drill-down on your Products menu, so people can click through to a particular product line from there.
    3. You don’t have an About Us section–nothing at all about you on the site, or about how long the company’s been around, or where it’s based.

  3. Submissions page

    You may want to add Freeport to the products Adamant is producing. Or repeat the search for freelancers add from last week in the News section.

    The site looks sharp otherwise.

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