If You Can See This, You’re Invited

A multi-birthday bash, celebrating the earth-shattering arrivals upon this dimensional plane of , and . We’re starting in the afternoon (2 p.m.) so there will be cook-out style stuff going on, drinking, and (in the immortal words of last season’s Opening Gate) “presents, presents, presents….”

As it says in the subject line: If you can see this post, you’re invited. RSVP in comments.

7 Replies to “If You Can See This, You’re Invited”

  1. Thanks for the invite. If I was in the same continent as you, let alone the same city, I’d certainly have considered. As is I’m a tiny bit out of way at present :p

    Have a great time!

  2. Well me dear, you’ll just have to come hang out with us all some other time. Perhaps the next time we all head out to Lawrence.

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