…And the Hits just keep on coming….

A quick bit of horn-blowing here, as a follow-up to my earlier announcement of securing the rights to do Freeport support products…another announcement that I’m very proud of:


Atlas Games Licenses Northern Crown Support to Adamant Entertainment

Atlas Games is pleased to announce that negotiations have been finalized for a licensing agreement with Adamant Entertainment. Adamant has secured the right to publish adventures and supplements for the Northern Crown campaign setting in both PDF and Print-On-Demand formats.

Northern Crown is a d20 System® campaign world set in North America¹s legendary past, in an age of frontier adventure, political intrigue, and supernatural horror. Inspired by history and infused with myth, it is a place where heroes fight for freedom, chart and vast wilderness, and battle unknown evils.

Atlas will release the Northern Crown: New World Adventures and Northern Crown: Gazetteer campaign books simultaneously this August. Adamant Entertainment will have a free PDF adventure ready for the release, and will be regularly releasing PDF and Print-On-Demand adventures and supplements, with Northern Crown’s author/illustrator, Doug Anderson, acting as Line Developer, in the following months.

John Nephew for Atlas Games * john@atlas-games.com, www.atlas-games.com/crown
Gareth-Michael Skarka for Adamant Entertainment — gms@adamantentertainment.com, www.adamantentertainment.com


As the hip kids on the Intarweb say: w00T.

11 Replies to “…And the Hits just keep on coming….”

  1. Actually, it’s more like a cross between Orson Scott Card’s “Tales of Alvin Maker” and Robert E. Howard’s “Solomon Kane”, The RPG.

  2. Thanks!

    Things just sort of fell into place this week, and I got the licenses to support two very cool settings. Both will represent a nice upswing in sales for Adamant, which is always a good thing. :)

  3. Doug Anderson and I are currently setting the schedule for the rest of 2005. Apart from the free PDF adventure which will be available in August (to coincide with the release of the books), we’re looking at doing another four or five releases from August through December 2005. We’re currently nailing down what those releases will be (adventures, supplements, etc.).

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