….the hell?

So, checking my website, it looks like every change I’ve made since at least 6/2 is no longer there.

The entire re-design is gone, last week’s Friday Music files that I hosted on my server don’t work (but, oddly, the week before that, which I’ve long since deleted, DO work), and when I try to FTP into the directory to see what the fuck is going on, the operation times out.



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  1. My guess: your web provider just suffered a catastrophic server-fuck, and didn’t keep up-to-date backups.

    Happened to me more than once. It’s just slightly more fun than getting mugged.

  2. Yeah, that’s my guess as well, and I’d be more than happy to re-load the site re-design, if not for the goddamned FTP time-outs.


  3. Did you contact customer service? My hosting provider once had a similar catastrophe and they were fairly responsive to my pleas for help.

    BTW – I just tried pinging adamantentertainment.com for the heck of it…that timed out, too. It looks like only port 80 (the web port) is reachable? (FTP runs on port 21 by default.) Just in case that info proves helpful when you are talking to customer service. Then again, I was never all that hot at sysadmin stuff…

  4. Did you contact customer service?

    Phone call and email. Voice mail, and no response to the email.

    I say again: GRRRRRRRR…..

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