Second Audition Scheduled

After sending an enthusiastic email, lamenting the fact that we’ve been missing all of these promos because we’re not yet hired, I finally heard back from the Entertainment Director last night.

Our second audition (this time the full show, rather than the first 10 minutes) is next Saturday at 3:00. I think it’s out at site, but I have yet to receive confirmation.

So, yeah.

Off to The Manor for many run-throughs and polishes.

3 Replies to “Second Audition Scheduled”

  1. Re: What about audience?


    What we’re planning to do, though, assuming that it IS out at site (which was what I was told previously), is go out there next Saturday fairly early in the day (the site will be open with various fight practices, etc. going on…) grab a stage to rehearse on, and rehearse all day until the Powers That Be are ready for us.

  2. Good that you got it scheduled. Excellent choice to play on the “but we wanna be doing promos for you” tack.

    Break a leg and hopefully blow them away.


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