Friday Music

Another Friday, more music.

We’ll start off with a track specifically for (since I know she likes it) and in honor of yesterday’s Bastille Day. Nothin’ says “French” like Edith Piaf – “La Vie En Rose.” Makes me want to fire up some Gauloises and puff away while bemoaning the current state of cinema.

I just discovered this track yesterday, and I’m absolutely going to track down the album. It’s the first release from Roísín Murphy’s (pet peeve from somebody with a lot gaelic-named relatives: that’s pronounced “Rosheen”, not “roysin”) debut album, Ruby Blue, and it’s got this whole Rat-pack era Nightclub Diva vibe to it….but take the backing orchestra, glitch it up with some electronics, cut-and-paste, and big beats. I’m fascinated, and definitely want to hear more. Roísín Murphy – “Sinking Feeling.”

I got quite a kick out of this when I first heard it, so I had to share. It’s a cover of the Sex Pistols’ “Pretty Vacant”, but done as late 50s/early 60s Doo-wop: The Delltones – “Pretty Vacant.”

This is a track that got some alterno-radio play around 96-97, but I never heard anything more from the guy, nor have I ever been able to find the CD. I’ve had to settle for this single ill-gotten mp3: Eric Matthews – “Fanfare.” What hooked me was, well….the fanfare. I love songs with brass sections, and that’s pretty damned rare nowadays.

…and, just ’cause I feel like it: Adam & The Ants – “Stand & Deliver.” You can never have too many songs about highwaymen, pirates or general swashbuckling. “What’s the point of robbery, when nothing is worth taking?” Amen.

I have to admit that I got a huge chuckle out of the fact that anarchist band Chumbawamba ended up making fans of the very sort of folks that they were mocking in their one-hit-wonder single “Tubthumping” (you know: “I get knocked down, but I get up again…” The album was pretty good, but of course, at least in this country, you never heard anything but the infectuous single. So, here’s my favorite track from the album: Chumbawamba – “Amnesia.”

Finally, a track from the brilliant soundtrack of Run Lola Run (aka Lola Rennt), which I only just recently got to see (missed it when it first came out in 99). Franka Potente and Thomas D – “Wish (Komm Zu Mir)” Vocals are by the star of the film, Franka Potente. The entire soundtrack is brilliant German techno, and is well worth getting.

There ya go. Hope you like ’em.

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  1. oooh….I love Wish…Berkie usually looks at me funny when I sing it though…probably because she’s the techno addict here, not me. But then again, Run Lola Run is a freakin’ awesome movie, so that’s why I like it…

  2. By the way—Plans for tomorrow: We’re gonna let you guys sleep in (from your Harry Potter extravaganza), whilst we go clothes shopping for me (first time in 3 years, believe it or not). We’ll come by in the afternoon, when we can have a “costume meeting”, and then some Battlestar (video of tonight’s episode, and then RPG)?

    Sound good to you?

  3. On a wholly unrelated note, you had once mentioned a web site to that sells boots for faire. You wouldn’t happen to have the link to that would you?

  4. Sure! Here’s a direct link to their “pirate/swashbuckler” page. They’ve got a bunch of extra stock from the boots that they provided for the filming of Pirates of the Caribbean II & III, so check the available sizes.

    I’m actually not buying any this year….can’t really justify the expense right now. will instead be taking the boots I wore in the second half of faire last year (which did offer me ankle support), and “prettying them up” with some polish, adding a custom bell, etc.

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