Festivus for the Restivus

Media Party:

  • Didn’t rain.
  • Humidity had me sweatin’ like Michael Jackson at a Boy Scout meeting.
  • First show was rough. Volume is a problem.
  • Second show had drunk hecklers. Boosted our energy level, and we ROXX0R3D. (Apart from an accidental stabbing)
  • Had it confirmed that I really need to spend more time seated. 4.5 hours on my feet, and I was in severe pain.

Site Day:

  • Didn’t perform the show–we still don’t know what stages we’re going to get.
  • Saw the Chess Match. Funny! (Love the Nun bit, and the Fairy.)
  • Spent more time seated, and no pain has ensued.
  • Got our packets, but no schedule. Won’t know our day’s schedule until later this week.
  • The Festival is still losing major cast members, as recently as this morning. YIKES.
  • Got drafted. Apparently, I will be MC-ing the Closing Gate again this year. Given how it went (singing songs that haven’t been done in years, so all the Renn-babies don’t know them), I think that I will add this to my list of “Things I will Try to Kick Ass At, So That The Audience Enjoys It”. We’ll be singing Landlord Fill the Flowing Bowl, Gypsy Rover, and (ugh) Canaan’s Land. I need to channel the memory of Simpkin the Fool, I think.

8 Replies to “Festivus for the Restivus”

  1. Accidental stabbing???

    Who got hit? Well, at least *someone* had some excitement during Media Party, though maybe that wasn’t the first choice for type of excitement.;)

    They really need to give up on Canaan’s Land for a while. Yeah, I know it’s the song they used the first year, but they should go to something pretty like Parting Glass. Or hey, here’s an idea. Go to something more happy sounding like Health to the Company. You really shouldn’t be having patrons ending their day with a dirge. They’re downers and really suck all the energy out of what excitement they made have had during their faire day.

  2. Re: Accidental stabbing???

    Who got hit?

    It was a minor poking. One of ‘s lunges went an inch off-target in the dark and boinked ‘s thigh.

    …and, exactly my opinion of Canaan’s Land. You shouldn’t end the Festival day on a down note. Now, I could see that it might be wistfully appropriate on the last day, as sort of a “see you next year, gods willing” kinda thing….but not as it is now, which is just yet another solo spotlight for our dear Queen to warble in the key of shrill.

  3. Re: Accidental stabbing???

    As a patron, I wish it would go away. It is at best a difficult song to sing, let along sing well, that no one actually seems to know, except for Her Majesty, and even that sometimes seems to be in question. It isn’t even appropriate for the last day, really (“Parting Glass” is much more so).

  4. Re: Accidental stabbing???

    Well, glad it was only a minor poking then. I didn’t notice Mike limping on Sat.;)

    LOL. Thank you for putting it so. . .succinctly. I meant it when I told you on Sat. that I’ve really enjoyed your posts lately, especially since after All Call.*chuckle* I’ll be very interested to see how the run turns out.

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