Friday Music

Got a bunch of goodies for you this week:

First off, a bit of Funk for : Bobby Womack – “Across 110th Streeet”, which is a reference to the traditional “border” of Harlem, running along the northern edge of Central Park. A great song, used to good effect in Quentin Tarantino’s homage to blaxploitation films, Jackie Brown.

While we’re on the subject of Soul, give this track a listen. It’s my second-favorite track from Ray Charles (after “What’d I Say”), and the backing vocals by Margie Hendricks are a big part of it…her smoking-hot “BABY!!!” gets me every time. Ray Charles – “Night Time Is The Right Time.”

Now, a pair of tracks from my favorite animated-animals-in-a-post-apocalyptic-supernatural-rock-musical, Rock and Rule, which is now available on DVD. First up we have the villain’s signature tune: Lou Reed – “My Name is Mok.” Second, we have my favorite song from the film: Debbie Harry – “Angel’s Song.” (Debbie Harry actually used the same music with different lyrics for a song called “Maybe Just For Sure” on her 1989 solo album, but I like this version better.

I found this the other day, and I’m completely obsessed with it. It’s a cover, but in the best way…it uses the same key and the same lyrics, but the music and the feel is so different, it deserves to stand as its own song: Snake River Conspiracy – “Lovesong.” I might even like this more than the original version by the Cure. (Blasphemy, I know.)

Speaking of covers, here’s a brilliant one from the great soundtrack to the not-quite-as-great film, Tank Girl: Paul Westerberg and Joan Jett – “Let’s Do It.” Gotta love Cole Porter…

I’ve enjoyed several releases by Bond, even though I recognize that their primary purpose is to be a string quartet of eye candy, to sex-up classical. It’s infectous stuff, though: Bond – “Explosive.”

Another track by Middle-Eastern diva Natacha Atlas, this time singing a French cabaret tune, and completely changing the feel of it via middle-eastern instrumentation. Love it. Natacha Atlas – “Mon Amie La Rose.”

I discovered this track this week, from a Denver-area band that I can only describe as sounding like they came off the soundtrack of Twin Peaks, but with Julee Cruise as a man. This song is absolutely beautiful…especially when his vocals come in. Devotchka – “How It Ends.”

Lastly, I leave you with my favorite track from everybody’s favorite proto-Goths: The Damned – “Street of Dreams.”

Now, off to prepare for tomorrow’s opening day of KCRF 2005.

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  1. “Across 110th Streeet” is from the soundtrack of the movie of the same name, by the way. Anthony Quinn and Yaphet Koto in an excellent little slice of bleak 70s blacksplotation.

    Worth seeing. And the whole soundtrack, while short, is excellent.

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