The Bat-Shit Crazy Email

I told some of you guys about the lunatic email the got, complaining about the language, the black middle-aged pirate woman, the “vicous rapits”, etc.

I thought you’d like to read the entry in question:

Read and laugh.

Oh Look, It’s 1:29 a.m. again…..

Yup. Daylight savings….good riddance, yah time-distortin’ bastard.

Back from the SWade Manor Halloween shindig. Much tamer than I had been led to believe…but a nice diversion on a Saturday night. Especially the -flavored diversions. I like that kind.

Apparently, I missed some fun Friday….including an outfit on that would’ve had me in a puddle, if descriptions do any justice. Damn. Went to the wrong gathering, I guess. :)

While I’m thinking of it, Happy Birthday to self-same from both myself and .

The clock is telling me that it’s 1:30, but my body is saying 2:30, so….off to bed.