KCRF Third Weekend: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

The Good:

  • The weather on Saturday was PERFECT, and subsequently brought the patrons out in droves. 12,000+, according to the official tally.
  • Our 1:20 show on the Robin Hood Adventure Stage on Saturday was our best show yet. We filled the seats (even those that didn’t have shade cover), and even had a few folks out in the “Puke-n-Snot crowd overflow hay bales” section. The front row featured a group of high school actors who are currently in rehearsals for Romeo and Juliet, who thought we were the coolest thing since, well…EVER. “These guys ROCKED!”, as heard while we picked up our props. The crowd was electric, we had our shit together….everything just came together.
  • Going out to dinner on Sunday night. An entire section of a Chinese restaurant filled with a stage show, shop keepers, whores, and Sherwood outlaws. Good times. This was the sort of social stuff that I’ve been missing since the bastards killed the after-pub, and I want more of it.
  • Mike’s propensity for adlibbing material that breaks me. He’s a bastard, and I love him for it. This week, his digression about a cousin who “masticated” and is now blind and has hair on his palms….
  • Vicodin. Sweet, sweet vicodin. Thanks to the kind heart of one of the Sherwood crew, I was relatively pain-free Sunday night.

The Bad:

  • The weather on Sunday. Rain in the early morning, which ended right before Opening Gate. The rest of the day: Uck. Mud, humidity that leeched the energy out of you, and, as my oldest daughter used to say as a toddler, “Hot as a muffin.” (She had heard my ex-wife refer to the temperature as “hot as a mother”, and her toddler-brain translated it thusly, which I find to be a nifty simile in its own right) Our first show at Merlin’s Berm was atrocious, as we could literally feel the steam coming up out of the damp dirt. Performing in a sauna: Not So Much With the Fun, as it turns out.
  • Over-did it just a bit on Saturday, and didn’t sit as much as I should’ve….which made Saturday night an oddysey of new experiences in pain and suffering. Lesson learned.
  • Even on a day with great attendance, our tips haven’t been too stellar. Wish that would change, but not sure if there is anything to be done about it.

The Ugly:

  • They fired the Prince (the one who had come up with the whole “Maestrobation” bit), due to an “anonymous patron email” claiming that he had hit on a 15-year old and given her his phone number. Despite the fact that he was never alone in the lanes. Despite the fact that he didn’t carry around a pen or paper. Moral of the story here: Don’t piss off the Princess. This is, of course, complete and utter bullshit, since he was the best new performer that they had managed to get. I was really very impressed by him. Ah well.
  • Stupid motherfuckers who don’t understand that a 30 minute show means that you wrap it up after 20-25 minutes or so, which gives you time to pass the hat, gather your crap, and gives the next group scheduled on that stage time to hawk to fill the seats that your no-talent asses have emptied over the course of your show. The next show needs to get their stuff in and done, so that the show that follows THEM can be on time, etc. It’s been said during morning meetings twice already, but we have the unfortunate fate of following one group who seems to think it doesn’t apply to them. We’re sending Laura to talk to them about it, since she’s far less likely to deal with the subject in a manner which involves stabbing.

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