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  1. buckaroo banzai:
    When I was 15, I started reading STARLOG articles about a movie that was going to bring the pulp-hero archetype of Doc Savage (the hyper-competent hero with his team of expert sidekicks) into the 1980s. The more I read, the more I was looking forward to it. It was going to be weird, quirky, funny, cool….and then the movie bombed, and was gone almost immediately. I never got to see it.

    My friend John gave me the novelization for Christmas, and I was hooked. I saw the film as soon as it hit video, and I’ve been a literally card-carrying member of the Blue Blaze Irregulars ever since. The film revels in its own oddness, and, best of all, doesn’t explain anything…it acts as if it is one film in a long string of adventures (hell, the novel even footnote-references other adventures), and that the audience is well aware of them. Brilliant.

  2. doctor who:
    I discovered the Doctor when it was first broadcast in the US, on commercial television in the mid-70s (with the cheesy Howard De Silva voice-overs explaining things to us dumbass Yanks). It is simply the best fictional premise ever created: An ever-changing hero who can travel anywhere in time and space, and have adventures in any genre ever conceived. Combine that with its essential Britishness, and an Anglophile like me never had a chance.
  3. flirting:
    The Great Game. Nothing beats it.
  4. hellboy:
    I was a late-comer to this. Introduced to it when T.S. Luikart raved about it, and I went out and got a bunch of trade paperbacks. A mix of pulp-style action, X-files-esque intrigue, and horror? Dude, I am so there.
  5. liberal:
    I honestly believe that mankinds history has been marked by the slow, inexorable victory of progressive thought over conservative stagnation. Sometimes it takes longer than I’d like, but we’ll always win in the end, even if it takes decades to bring people around.
  6. napoleonic era:
    The strange cusp at the dawn of modern history, when technological and social progress was resulting in new ways of doing things, and yet traditions stretching back into the Renaissance and beyond were still in place. The artistic side of this period is referred to as Romantic….which I think sums up my feelings about the era. I think it may well have been the last truly romantic era in history. After this came the Victorians, and then the modern age.
  7. queen:
    Just love the sound and the compositions. Nothing more than that. Does there need to be?
  8. shakespeare:
    Language. Duh.
  9. the doors:
    I actually came to the Doors backwards. I knew the music peripherally, of course, but I started paying much closer attention when I read a collection of Morrison’s poetry. I loved it because he wrote poetry in a similar style to mine…and from there I went back and listened to the albums, rather than just the popular singles. One of the most literate rock groups ever. Love ’em.
  10. writing:
    It’s what I do for a living, it’s what I’ve always done since I was a kid (even before I could write words, in fact….I used to produce illustrated stories with lines representing the lines of text)….there was never any question. I write. It’s what I am. I’ve sacrificed quite a bit to get here….it could be argued that it was a large part of why my marriage disintegrated. Even through all of that, though, I cannot be anything other than what I am.

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