Sweet, sweet Schadenfreude….

Just an update for those who have been following the “saga.”

The asshat that I’ve bitched about in a couple of posts?

Today, RPGNow kicked him off the site for trademark, copyright, license and business ethics violations.

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  1. Good. Because I was getting to the point where I wanted to vomit over his half-assed attempts at “cyber-pulp.” I mean, I’m the only guy around here to can do half-assed attempts at cyber-pulp!

  2. Well the love is nice…but seriously, does he? I still haven’t got your gift.

    I was hoping to get Haven: City of Crap for you so that you could run it for us. I was going to play a criminal madman who used to be a writer but was busted for copyright, license, trademark and business ethics violations. My big rival would be a man named S.M. “S&M” Gkarka.

  3. Yeah, he announced that a couple of days ago….I suspect because he saw the writing on the wall.

    Given that publishers on the ENWorld store have said to me that their sales there are a miniscule percentage (in one major publisher’s case, less than two percent) of what they make on RPGNow (which is the main reason why we haven’t signed up), I suspect that even with an “exclusive deal”, we’ve probably seen the end of him as a viable publisher.

  4. Does this mean I will never see my City of Lightsaber?! Say it ain’t so…

    His ethics did indeed suck and it’s good to see RPGNow take this step. However, he’s probably made some decent coin to date. Although the gravy train has, for the moment, been derailed.

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