ICARUS crew….

This Sunday’s SERENITY game will be hosted by the lovely and , who have kindly offered their space to give and I “a break.” (The dog should be relieved.)

Same time as usual. I’ll leave discussions of directions and food to the hosts.

As far as the game goes….oh, do I have plans…..


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  1. you have plans hmm? That sounds bad for us. But a lot of fun, too.

    I’ll make chilli, ya’ll! A big pot, with rice to put it on if you so desire. If anyone has protest to make – do so, and I’ll take it into consideration.

    will post directions… though… i think the only person who hasn’t BEEN to our house is Sean… and he’s not on LJ now is he. Beh.

    Does anyone else need directions?

    (ps, I found an icon for Gideon, see?)

  2. Did you get my email? I’ve been having difficulty with stuff sent with attachments so I thought I’d double check.

    Oh, AND we’re contemplating making some butter rum or spiced brandy…prefs?


  3. A) Mmmmmm, chili. No complaints here.

    B) I’ve never been to your house. If Mike has(which I think he has) then Manor people are covered.

    C) Somehow you didn’t have to mention that it was Gideon for me to tell. :)

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