Can somebody tell me who the fuck is?

I noticed that he’s got everybody friended all of a sudden, and posted “Hiya” to one of my entries a while back….

…when I asked him who he was, he didn’t give me a straight answer, which, bluntly, pisses me off.

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  1. Ah, allow me to clue you in.

    is someone from my friends list. He’s one of the various people I have picked up over time thanks to both my Madam Red user pics (you know, cleavage admirers), but also the fact that I’m a geek.

    He is a tried and true somewhat socially inept geek. He lives with his parents (no I’m not kidding)…but he does at least finally have a girlfriend (although I think she’s long distance, and he may have met her through LJ). I think he’s picked up all the wenches as friends through my journal (reading, probably the /friendsfriends function).

    He’s actually called me a couple of times, after pulling up my phone number through public sources…in each instance to wish me a Merry Christmas.

    He’s quite open about the fact that he has a huge crush on me.

    Don’t friend him, if you don’t want to. As far as I can tell, he’s mostly harmless…but he is a complete geek.


  2. Don’t friend him, if you don’t want to.

    Oh, I wasn’t planning on it. It was more an issue of wanting to know who the hell he was, since he refused to answer a direct question.

    That sort of thing makes me very nervous, due to some real-life stalker issues I’ve had to deal with due to the miniscule degree of Geek Fame I have.

  3. I don’t know him, and he hasn’t friended me, but this line gave me pause: It’s rather boring really, I was born, raised, and still live in the same house.

    Now, if he were 13 or 19 or even, maybe, in his twenties, that wouldn’t bug me at all. But he’s 39. Damn.

  4. you’ve asked the question I’ve been wanting to know for a while now. I saw him on Red’s friend list and figured if he was on hers, he was harmless. So far he is. And very, VERY much a geek.

  5. He friended me, and recently as well. He commented on both of their journals, but hasn’t on mine because mine is friend’s only.

    There’s an entry in his journal in which he states that he went through the FLists of his friends and added those that he “recognized.”

    I have not added him in return. Frankly, I found his lengthy bio a bit disturbing.

  6. You should see the length of some of his posts. He’s gotten better. It used to be he’d pile 10 to 15 quizzes in one post and then refuse to do a cut.


  7. Having been stalked myself, believe me I’m hip.

    Generally, however, in this environment at least, I take a “you can friend me, if you want but that doesn’t mean I’ll friend you back” stance, as the friends list for any reader is simply an aggregator…the important part is who I add… I “friended” before I had learned the second part of that axiom.

    At this point I don’t defriend him as I close so very few posts to friends only (only work info really), so he could read anything I write anyway.


  8. Obviously, I have no idea about this person…but I was recently friended by someone I never heard of because we had one interest in common (he apparently did a search and friended everyone with that interest). It was like the LJ version of spam… glad I am mostly friends only now…does anyone know a way to block someone from having you on their F-list, though?

  9. I friended him, and may unfriend him soon…

    I have not found too many of his posts to interesting, enlightening, or even entertaining.

    Nice guy, just not on my wavelength.

  10. He has Friended me, also. Count your blessings for having gotten some sort of answer to the question about his identity; I asked a while back and have yet to get an answer.

    He has responded to some of my posts, and not in an unfriendly way; I have no particular reason to de-Flist him, though I was annoyed when a Friend noted that they asked him for the courtesy of putting something behind a cut and was told that he doesn’t use cuts. Otherwise, he has not struck fear in my heart or anything like that, and I’ll keep him in my Flist because there’s no real reason not to.

    I am honored to be in Denise’s circle, though, I must admit, it does weird me out a bit to be Flisted by someone for that reason. It’s nice to actually know the person, even if just tangentially, doing the Flisting.

  11. I suppose that the policy does have it’s merits, however, I have “met” a fair number of truly interesting people by choosing to play things as I did at first, with whom I have some very positive and deep connections including, frankly, ), so I have no regrets.

    However, over time, I figured out that if someone “friends me” it is a much better policy for me to go back and read a few of their entries to see what they are on about generally and then only add them to my aggregator if I feel like I would gain something from hearing what’s inside their heads.


  12. The longer you hang about in this space, my dear, you will find that people will add you and delist you for all sorts of odd reasons. They see a post you made and think you are worth your time…they see a comment you made and find you interesting…they see your picture and something about it speaks to them…or you just maybe someone who has a common interest listed and they go through and add a bunch of people who like, say, “kittens” or what the fuck ever.

    When you post in a public forum, you’re going to get read by anyone who happens to wander by. This is both a positive and a negative. Me? I figure if anyone out there gets anything from any words I put in this space that’s probably a good thing…at least that’s my take on it so far.


  13. That’s pretty much my take on him generally myself. Nice enough, at one level to bright for his own good and on the other not bright enough.


  14. Well, your geekiness is hot ;-)

    Oldwolf friended me too, and is welcome I suppose to casually read along, though I will likely not friend him at this point due to having too much to read already.

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