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I leave for the trade show in Vegas in a week….so naturally, my allergies have decided to kick my ass. Goddamned March. There is a little man living inside my sinuses, who is carving away at the backs of my eyes and the lower regions of my brain, with what seems to be a rusty butter knife. Joy.

New business cards ordered and on the way. Should be here this week. Here’s the design that I went with.

Picked up some comics this weekend, and stumbled accidentally into a swords-and-sorcery theme, purchasing the first CONAN trade paperback collection from Dark Horse (I already had the second collection), the first issue of the new Warlord series, and the Busiek-scripted reboot, Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis.
Grabbed others as well, indulging in my Green Lantern fix (as well as the final issue of the Green Lantern Corps miniseries), the final installment of ASTRO CITY: THE DARK AGE Book One, and a few others.

Finally decided to drop Blood of the Demon….Etrigan is one of my favorite DC characters, but John Byrne is a ham-fisted idiot, and his handling of the series is just pissing me off. The current issue, 13, is one of the “One Year Later” issues (all DC titles are jumping ahead one year in continuity, to reflect the reboot from INFINITE CRISIS). This gives the creative teams a chance to shake things up…to come at the character from a different angle (see Aquaman), or to just jump into action with things having changed a bit. Not Byrne. Same shit, different issue. Enough.

Work proceeding on the novel (and not the one that I shared a sample of with the writing group, either). It’s really strange….as I was telling this weekend, this is the first time where I’ve gotten visions of entire scenes, but completely out of order, and from various points in the story’s chronology. The odd thing is trying to figure out where they go, and how they are connected….because, in most cases, I have NO BLOODY IDEA. This has never happened to me before, and I’m intrigued….which, for right now, is enough to keep me working.

I’m describing the book as “Bernard Cornwell’s Sharpe meets The X Files meets La Femme Nikita meets Hammer Horror.” If there’s interest, I’ll probably post excerpts from the manuscript here on the journal.

Back to work.

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  1. Hope the allergies clear up, amigo. Have fun in Vegas–I’m actually skipping it this year, mainly because of the infant.
    I picked up Warlord as well. Not a bad story, though not great. Shame Sears decided he’d save time and effort by drawing the damn thing with a blunt-tip marker instead of pencilling and inking it properly. Much as I love Warlord if the art continues in this vein I’ll probably drop it soon.
    The novel sounds interesting, and I’m always up for seeing friends’ work (and for critiquing, if asked). I have to ask, though–if this isn’t the one you’re submitting to your writing group, you’re doing two novels at once? That’s a bad idea. It sounds like this new one has you intrigued, so perhaps you should put the other one on pause while you get this one sorted.

  2. perhaps you should put the other one on pause while you get this one sorted.


    The thing is, as much as I hate to admit it, the other project seems to have gone kaput. I hit a complete lack of interest in continuing.

  3. 1. Sorry about the sinuses. Best of luck.
    2. The business cards look very nice. Nice use of color.
    3. I am pleased there is a new Warlord series, and I usually dig Bart Sears artwork, but I was really confused with the visual style in this book. So much of The Warlord for me is tied to Mike Grell’s crisp linework. We’ll have to see if it gets better. Bruce Jones has a lot of writing talent (his spin on the Hulk is proof enough of that), so I’m not worried about the story.
    4. I’m curious about Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis, but will likely wait until there’s a trade.
    5. “Ham-fisted idiot” is the perfect description of John Byrne.
    6. The novel idea sounds intriguing.

    Did you crazy kids end up seeing “Night Watch”?

  4. Did you crazy kids end up seeing “Night Watch”?

    Nope. 30 miles each way is just too far a commute for a film.

  5. See, this is one of your problems–and I’ve known you long enough to get away with saying this. :) You hate to admit when you need to walk away from something.
    I’m the same way, of course, as anyone who remembers those last years in grad school can attest. But if you’re no longer interested in the other novel you absolutely should walk away from it, and don’t feel guilty about that. That guilt will bog you down, and will even taint your new project, and it’s unnecessary.
    You owe it to yourself to work on the stuff you think is cool and fun and exciting, not to continue something that no longer gets you jazzed. Get rid of the stuff that bores you, and you’ll have more time, energy, and concentration for the stuff you’re enthused about.

  6. True enough….but of course the flip side to that is that jumping from project to project as my interests flutter, I’ll never get a damned thing done. :)

  7. So very sorry to hear that you are not feeling your best.

    Twas nice to see you anyway on Saturday, even if it did seem as if it was just in passing.

    Hope your sinues simmer down so you can enjoy your trip…if nothing else, the desert air should do them some good.


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