Friday Music

Just a quick notice before getting to this week’s selections — there will be no Friday Music next week (Saint Patrick’s Day), as I’m flying back from Vegas on a red-eye that morning, and expect to spend most of my day sleeping. You’ll all just have to soldier on without me.

Now — on to the tunes:

I’m starting with the one that I’ve been listening to the most this week. It’s the title track from the newest album by the Swedish electronic act, The Knife. I have had this sucker on loop for most of the past week. It’s really well done. The Knife – “Silent Shout”

Funky, Jazzy, Rock….from Japan. Tokyo Jihen – “Himitsu” The name means “Tokyo Incident”, and the title is “Secret.” I was expecting to hear schoolgirlish anime-squeek, and instead got what I can only describe as Jamiroquai in Japanese. Really cool.

A track from the new album by the alternative-country act, BR549. This one features them doing one of those vaguely-gospel rockabilly-honky-tonk tunes, backed by Elvis Presley’s old back-up singers, The Jordinaires: BR549 – “The Devil & Me.”

Something to getcher asses moving: Donna Summer – “I Feel Love (Patrick Cowley Mix)”

What the heck ever happened to Quarterflash? They had a few hits in the early 80s, and I really liked them. Here’s one of them…love the sax in this. Quarterflash – “Harden My Heart.”

From the soundtrack to the film version of The Shadow (the closing credits). Taylor Dane singing a song by Jim Steinman, complete with his signature sound (bombastic chorus, epic orchestration, etc.): Taylor Dane – “Original Sin (Theme From ‘The Shadow’)”

I’ll go with another soundtrack piece for my final selection this week: The opening titles of Mad Max III: Beyond Thunderdome. It didn’t become a single (that was reserved for “We Don’t Need Another Hero”), but I really liked this song much more: Tina Turner – “One of the Living.”

There you go. More tunes in 2 weeks.

12 Replies to “Friday Music”

  1. I really like that one by The Knife. Is the rest of the CD the same? As good?

    Tokyo Jihen link won’t load for me. =(

    I didn’t even know BR had a new album out. I’m so out of the rockabilly loop anymore. Sadness.

  2. Yeah, the rest of the CD is that good.

    Oddness about the Tokyo Jihen. KU has some strange filters, though, so who knows.

  3. Yay, Steinman!!!

    I went to see the movie & was about to leave during the credits when I realised this HAD to be a Steinman song I didn’t know. I grabbed my husband & said “You can go out to the lobby, but I’m staying until this is done.” ;-)

    Meatloaf’s version is, well, not nearly up to this, though the lyric changes are interesting.

  4. are you familiar with the Scandanavian group “Tra”?

    I think you’d really like them. Natalie discovered them on Amazon, and we just got the CD a couple days ago. I can’t stop listening!

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