Helluva Way To Wake Up

Woke up this morning to the sound of Tornado sirens, followed immediately thereafter by our power going out.

Lawrence got nailed this morning at around 8-ish. National Weather Service hasn’t confirmed the Tornado(s), so they’re just saying “Tornadic Winds”. Widespread damage all over the city: windows busted and awnings down all over Mass. Street, trees down all over town, reports of an explosion in North Lawrence, a flipped-over Semi out by the Wall-mart/Target/Best Buy zone, etc.

We dodged the bullet here. No damage to our place, and everybody’s fine. Power is back on as well, obviously.

“Lazy Sunday” my ass.

6 Replies to “Helluva Way To Wake Up”

  1. good to hear you guys were unscathed…we got squat here, just the sirens and some funky reception with the tv (well, and some very freaked out cats, Grace has some impressive lung power).

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