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Heidi-ho, cats and kittens! Another mix-tape of teh intarwebs for ya:

One of my favorite New Wave tracks of the early 80s, which you don’t hear too much of any more — it wasn’t huge enough to be included on the endless nostalgia compilations or targeted-marketing radio formats that we get now. One of my favorite lyrics of all time, though: “I don’t think there are any Russians / And there ain’t no Yanks / Just corporate criminals / Playing with tanks.” The Call – “The Walls Came Down.”

OK — do NOT throw any rocks at me. I recently heard the lead single from Christina Aguilera’s forthcoming album….and damn if it isn’t really good. She’s basically decided to go for a neo-retro-hollywood-glamour thing. Check out the album cover, fer chrissakes. The music features period-style sounds cut and mixed with a very modern electronic/hip-hop sensibility…and, say what you like about the pre-fab, Mickey-Mouse-club origin of the kid, she’s definately got some pipes on her. Put your preconceived notions aside and give it a listen: Christina Aguilera – “Aint No Other Man.” Tell me that’s not hot.

While we’re on the subject of guilty pleasures, I have to share this. Prince has always had a recognizable M.O. when it comes to the ladies in his circle. They perform (ahem) some kind of back-up on his music, he sluts them up a bit, and then they go solo, usually with a Prince-penned debut single. We’ve seen it over and over again…but this was the first. Originally, the group was going to be called The Hookers, and the lead singer would be called Vagina. (No, I’m not making this up) When she balked at the name, he joked about her vanity….and the name was born. The group became known as Vanity 6 (6 being the number of breasts in the group….again, no I’m not kidding), and their first single, in 1982, was a HUGE dance club hit. Here it is: Vanity 6 – “Nasty Girl.”

This is a new band that I heard this week, who have got their first album coming out soon. I don’t know much about them aside from that, and the fact that I love this single: Hot One – “Do The Coup D’Etat.”

Another 80s track — this time from Tears for Fears. Like most of my favorites from the era, it’s not one that gets much play in today’s nostalgia craze. It’s my favorite track from the smash album Songs From The Big Chair, but never made it far as a single, so many of you might not be familiar with it. Tears For Fears – “Mother’s Talk.”

The Blade films have always been a manic mixture of “OK, now that was cool” and “what the fuck is this crap?” Without further ado, I present the coolest thing in Blade II, a collaboration by downtempo electronica/trip-hop superstars Massive Attack and actor/rapper/poet Mos Def, which makes for a seriously bad-ass “going to kick the monster’s asses” montage. “Right here is where the end gon’ start at….Conflict, contact ‘n’ combat.” Massive Attack and Mos Def – “I Against I.”

Every time an 80s compilation CD includes Harold Faltermeyer, it’s always “Axel F”, the theme that he provided for Eddie Murphy’s character, Axel Foley, in the Beverly Hills Cop movies. However, he did other soundtrack work, including an effort to reclaim the chart success of “Axel F” — which failed, of course. I actually like the song a bit more — it’s the theme that Faltermeyer did for the Chevy Chase movie Fletch: Harold Faltermeyer – “Fletch Theme.”

Another new artist, and again, not one that I know a lot about. I like the sound, though, the electronic-tinged dark backing with her lovely voice floating above it: Heather Duby – “Judith.”

For fans of the World Cup, you’ll recognize this track — it was used as the backing of the Adidas ad campaign that featured the Italian kids playing footy in the dirt lot, suddenly surrounded by star players from all over the world (who, naturally, disappear when one kid’s mother calls him in for dinner). The ad used the refrain of the song: “If you don’t give my football back, I’m gonna get my Dad on you.” The commercials, and the song, make me smile: Jim Noir – “Eanie Meany”

There you go. Enjoy.

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  1. I’ve always thought Christina Aguilera’s voice was amazing. It’s a pity that (in general) I’m not a fan of her style–musical or otherwise. But yeah, damn. The girl can sing.

  2. I love Fletch

    Gillett: This is no joke. If some kind of payment isn’t made,
    we’re going to have to contact the paper and garnishee your wages.
    Fletch: I can’t have my wages garnisheed.

  3. Correction: The kids weren’t Italian. They’re speaking Portuguese in the commercial.

    But the song is a total earworm.

  4. Nope. It was the next incarnation of Vanity 6, called Apollonia 6, which was fronted by a chick named Apollonia (who was found through a talent search). The song they did in Purple Rain was called “Sex Shooter” (at least in the “club debut” scene)…I have no recollection as to what they were singing in a rehearsal scene earlier in the film.


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