KCRF Sixth Weekend

The Good:

  • My smokin-hot fiancee. Jus’ sayin’.
  • Biggest crowds of the season so far. Saturday we saw just over 20K, Sunday was 18K. Monday was Columbus Day School Trip Hell Day, and so probably only saw about 7-8 thousand, but still it was a great weekend.
  • joining us as “Olivia” for a day. Lovely!
  • Getting to hear sing at Pub Sing. Loves me some Alto.
  • Getting to provide a verse for the Limeybird’s “Pussy Song” at the Royal Smoker, which broke them. For the record: “My kitty-cat broke some rules to have fun…my other pets found me and told me what she’d done….Fingered Pussy…”
  • Trusting and ‘s judgement, and letting them take my hair down during the Last Huzzah on Saturday, which actually garnered…ahem….positive attention from some in the crowd. When they’re right, they’re right….
  • Also on Saturday: bringing the Washer Well Wenches up to “help” with “Wild Rover” — hilarious. Especially when told Penelope to “Heel!”
  • Getting to see , visiting from her Disney gig. We all miss her, and it was glorious to see her again….and the pickle trick was especially amusing.
  • In general, the weekend was filled with many small moments, where I was palpably aware of how wonderful was the place I occupied— temporally, physically, and emotionally. Nothing specific. Just….right.

The Bad:

  • Columbus Day — the site is filled with school trips, and most of the kids aren’t really interested in being there, apart from the fact that they’re out of school. Annoying at times…although nothing serious this year.
  • Three-day weekend on Two-day ankles. OW.
  • The edict from the Director: No more chiffon skirts for the courtesans….with no explanation. I’d love to know why. We heard that some at the Front Gate were also given this direction. Don’t know why….but, as said: He re-hired me. At this point, no matter what he told us, we’d gladly do it.

The Ugly:

  • Leaving the site on Sunday night, to the sounds of the Front Gate performers starting up their cast party. Yet again, the main Entertainment cast doesn’t get one this year, in favor of an “Awards ceremony” in November some time….because 2004’s cast party was too raucus for the Entertainment Staff’s comfort. Which is a shame. It really, really is.