Friday Music

This week’s selections:

Grey skies. Grey days. This is a song that I always associate with this kind of weather, for reasons that I no longer remember. Robert Plant – “In The Mood.”

On a Halloween-y theme: I was introduced to this by a friend in my sophomore year of college. He knew of my love of the horror genre, and of the music of The Doors. He said to me: “You need to listen to this: Horror lyrics, sung by a guy who sounds like a Satanist version of Jim Morrison.” I did, and picked up the album later that day. Danzig – “Twist of Cain.”

Sticking on the spooky theme for a moment, here’s another track by Jill Tracy, who does this sort of lounge-jazz Cruella DeVille routine which I think is nifty (I had posted her “Fine Art of Poisoning” waaaaaaaaay back in the early days of Friday Music.) Jill Tracy – “Evil Night Together.”

One of my favorite story-ballads from the debut album by Suzanne Vega. I really preferred this sound to her later work, which added a fuller band behind her. She is far more suited to the accoustic singer-songwriter thing, in my opinion. Love the lyrics on this one. Suzanne Vega – “The Queen and the Soldier.”

Another absolutely BRILLIANT mash-up. I was gobsmacked at how well it works: George Michael vs Bon Jovi – “Careless or Dead.”

This is the new single from Gwen Stefani’s forthcoming album, The Sweet Escape, due out in December– I haven’t quite made up my mind about it yet. I *love* the production and the beat mix (the Neptunes are responsible), and the unexpected source of the main sample riff (The Sound of Music‘s “The Lonely Goatherd”). Vocally, though, it’s very B-A-N-A-N-A-S…a bit too remeniscent of “Hollaback Girl.” I’m liking it more and more, though: Gwen Stefani – “Wind It Up.”

Lastly, another song for the grey day. The vocal track from which the classic Twin Peaks took its main theme. Julee Cruise – “Falling.”