General Update

Buncha random stuff:

  • Woke up today feeling like ass. Ache-y, not quite feverish, but about “half a bubble off plumb”, if you know what I mean. I blame , who has no doubt engaged in the time-honored tradition of married couples: “Here, honey, have my plague.”
  • Looking forward to Casino Royale on Friday — opening night at a Bond film has been a tradition of mine since 1985. Plus, I’ve been reading advanced reviews that are all saying the same thing: That this is going to piss off a lot of people, because the gadget-laden wise-cracking tongue-in-cheek Bond is nowhere to be seen. More than one reviewer has commented that this is the Bond of Fleming’s novels. That statement makes me giddy. As one reviewer pointed out, the Bond films had pretty much become a self-parody machine, and it’s about time that they were given some new blood. Going back to the character as written by Fleming is a damned good place to start, if you ask me.
  • The Minion brought home incredible news yesterday — her application has been accepted, and she’ll be studying abroad in Germany this coming Summer. Only 9 of the 18 applicants were chosen, so she’s floating on Cloud Nine right now. It’s been a good month for being proud parents — first the National Honor Society induction, then this.
  • Still having a hard time getting fiction written. It’s really pissing me off. I’ve got such a full schedule with Adamant stuff, the last thing that I have creative energy for is more writing, and yet I’m filled with ideas. Plenty of ideas. No time. ARGH.