Last Friday Music of 2006

I’ve got a million things to do, so this will be a quick one.

First of all, a bunch of you enjoyed the mash-ups that I played at our Yule gathering, so I’ve grabbed a few good ones for you: One that I played at the party, one that I mentioned in conversation, and a new one.

The one I played: I consider this to be the best mash-up I’ve ever heard. It was done by Butch Vig (producer on Nirvana’s Nevermind, and founder of his own band, Garbage), and mixes The Doors with The Cult: “Sanctuary’s Over (Butch Vig Mix)”

The one I mentioned: I’ve posted this one here before, but it deserves a replay. An absolutely amazing mix of Wham’s “Careless Whisper” with Bon Jovi’s “Dead or Alive”, which manages to sound like it was always meant to sound this way: “Careless or Dead (Kleptones mix)”

The new one: DJ Earworm takes the indie band Under The Influence Of Giants and mixes them with David Bowie, Queen, Steely Dan, Steve Miller Band – and adds a bit of Common. Descriptions do no justice. Just listen: “Over The Confluence of Giants (DJ Earworm mix)”

Next up — James Brown died this past week, and yes, that means posting a JB tune. Instead of posting “I Feel Good”, “Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag”, or any other of the usual tracks that filled mp3 blogs in tribute, I decided to go with one of the less obvious tracks, but one of my favorites. This is the one that featured the immortal line “I don’t know karate, but I know cuh-razy.” James Brown – “The Payback.”

Earlier in December, I went to see Guy Forsyth here in Lawrence. If he tours anywhere near you, go see him. This is one of my favorites by him, and I’m sure that it will speak volumes to folks who are about the same age as me (and Guy), not only about our upbringing and development, but about how the current state of the country makes us feel. Give a listen, and then go to his website and buy the CD. Guy Forsyth – “Long Long Time.”

Some interesting news out of the UK today: It seems that Johnny Depp will be playing Freddie Mercury in the forthcoming biopic. Good choice, in my opinion. In honor of this announcement, here’s one of my favorite songs by Queen, from the last album released before Freddie’s death: Queen – “Innuendo.”

Lastly, a new composition by Yours Truly, noodling around with my new tools. Every instrument on this, from the programming of the drum patterns to the violin pizzacato to the guitar, was played — no loops were used. Think of it as a piece from a soundtrack to a spy film that doesn’t exist. @nubis – “The Lion’s Share.”

Happy New Year, kids. More music in 2007.

Post-Christmas Update

The Minion got back from visiting her Mom this morning, and and I are back to work — and so, with things back to normal, here’s a wrap-up of the holiday.

The mood was down quite a bit — ‘s Grandmother passed away on Christmas Eve, barely two months after the death of her husband, to whom she’d been married for 68 years. It was fitting that they’re together again after this brief period apart, but, as you can imagine, the family Christmas gathering was bittersweet, to say the least.

We did, of course, fully participate in what refers to as “the Festival of Avarice.” Nifty presents abounded. The highlights of my particular haul:

The biggie, from the in-laws: an M-Audio FastTrack Pro USB Audio/MIDI Interface with pre-amps, and a First Act ME301 Double Cutaway Electric Guitar. This combination allows me to plug directly into my Mac and record guitar tracks for my compositions, using any number of Amp and effects emulators that I have.

Holy Crap. I was gobsmacked.

A Metric Fuckton of nifty DVDs, from and some self-purchased with Yule Loot/Gift Cards, including: The Planet of the Apes Legacy Boxed Set (all 5 original films, plus a documentary), The Clash of the Titans, Superman The Movie (4-disc Special Edition), which includes the 1951 “Superman & the Mole Men” and 9 Fleischer Cartoons, in addition to the film plus extras, the Richard Donner Cut of Superman II, The 1966 espionage classic The Quiller Memorandum, 70s sci-fi goodness Logan’s Run, Miami Vice Season One, and the last two sets in the James Bond Ultimate Edition collections.

‘s Uncle Tony picked me up the coffee-table book Conan: The Ultimate Guide to the World’s Most Savage Barbarian, which is a nifty DK guidebook illustrated with tons of art from the various Conan comics over the past 35+ years.

There were other nifties as well, but I’ve rambled on quite enough. Talk to you all again soon.