Friday Music

OK, the Bond film is out, Thanksgiving is over, and we now return to the standard mix-tape format of Friday Music:

First, though, one last quick bit of Bondage (heh) for : Here is the track I told you about that Bjork did with David Arnold for Shaken & Stirred, which she pulled at the last minute. Bjork – “You Only Live Twice.”

I hit the soul motherload this week — I picked up four double-CD compilations from the UK called “Blaxploitation: Soul, Jazz & Funk from the Inner City”, which , despite the title, are not just tracks from blaxploitation films, but a fantastic general sampler of early-to-mid-70s urban music. Really excellent stuff. Some really great album cover art, too. Anyway, here’s a good track from Vol. 2: Bill Withers – “Use Me.”

Found another great mash-up. The UK’s Go Home Productions mixed AC-DC’s “Back In Black” with Queen’s “We Will Rock You” — along with a bit of Outkast and more. GHP – “Rock in Black”

Some sweeping epic electronica from the latest album, Intercept! by UK electronica duo Bent: Bent – “Exercise 7”

Ramallah Underground is an artists collective based in Ramallah and Palestine, featuring hip-hop and electronic musicians, artists and photographers. They’ve been recently playing gigs all over the world, and demonstrating that art is still possible even in war. Here is a nifty track by Stormtrap, one of the founders of the group: Stormtrap – “Areeb il Shar.”

I’d like to say that this is for , but actually, it’s for me — because she took the CD that sent me, and has been listening to it in her car — and I haven’t seen the thing since! I guess I should have expected it, since the band has a very Duran Duran-meets-Depeche-Mode kinda sound. This is White Rose Movement, from their album Kick: White Rose Movement – “Love is a Number.”

A lot of you have heard this one, I’m sure — but I know that a couple of you have wanted to grab a copy, so here it is — the brilliant cover of “Comfortably Numb” done by Scissor Sisters on their first album, which re-imagines the song as a disco tune by the Bee-Gees. Scissor Sisters – “Comfortably Numb.”

Lastly — as some of you know: As of today, I have ended my consulting contract with RPGNow, which means that I no longer assist them with customer service emails. I am free to focus on my own business, and no longer have to tip-toe around my fellow publishers for fear of reflecting poorly upon RPGNow. In tribute to this liberation, I post the following: Joan Jett and the Blackhearts – “Bad Reputation.”

Aw yeah. Bring it on, bitches. :)