The Lost Room

Finished watching the Sci-Fi Channel’s miniseries The Lost Room last night, and I was very impressed.

The whole thing was very cool — very much in the vein of Tim Powers novels or the RPG Unknown Armies. Cabals and individuals comprising an occult underground which searches for, covets and hoards “Objects” — mundane items which came from a motel room which was, for unknown reasons, ripped out of reality on May 4th, 1961. Each of the objects possesses some sort of reality-bending power, ranging from the powerful (The Key, which can be used on any door, and gains you entry into the Lost Room — the motel room in question, which exists outside of time and space, but from which you can re-enter the world through any door, anywhere) to the bizarrely mundane (A watch — if you put an egg within the watchband, it hard-boils the egg). Objects in combination open up other powers….and so needless to say, a wide assortment of characters all want these objects. Again, very nifty.

If you missed it, Sci-Fi will be showing all 6 hours in a marathon on Sunday (4 central time, I think) — so set your Tivos, or your VCRs, or just fire up Bittorrent. It’s worth it.