So much for private conversations in confidence.

Read this, and you’ll understand.

My favorite bit: “And by the way, what you had wasn’t cancer.”

Class act, all the way.

At the very least, I suppose I should be glad that he showed his stripes publicly, so people can make an informed judgement as to his worth.

8 Replies to “Revelation”

  1. Oh no he din’t.

    I’m just going to give you a very big astral hug and back away slowly.

    Not b/c I don’t support you but b/c you justifiably want blood and I prefer it not to be mine.

    Also, big fucking hole in your leg says otherwise.

  2. Oof

    I don’t know or care to know ‘wtf’, but here, I think you might need someone else green to lay an appropriate level of smackdown, so here, borrow mine.

  3. Please understand that I’m not making a personal attack when I say this… Have you thought that currently, both of you are doing your best to escalate this situation, albeit unconciously?

  4. Hmmm, I’m inclined to join alphagirlfriend in her “Oooh snap!” and dipping into the popcorn, but I’m afraid I’m sitting back and watching both of you hurt someone I admire a great deal, albeit from afar. So I’m going to post this on both of your LJ’s even though you don’t know me, haven’t friended me, etc etc. You can tell me to go to hell if you want, you have every right, and my feelings aren’t going to be hurt either way.

    The Divine Miss D has every right – EVERY RIGHT – to step up and say “these are my limits, this is who I am”. It hurts no one, it should offend no one and it’s not a direct insult or threat of physical violence.

    You both have every right to your feelings. What you have no right to do is judge her, or each other. Glass houses man, glass houses.

    Arkham – I understand that you love D. I understand that when she hurts you hurt, and it’s perhaps worse than usual because your relationship with her is fairly new and so the empathy is stronger, and also because you’re so far away and you can’t hold her to help when she’s hurting. But spouting obscenities at gmskarka, threatening physical violence, belittling his cancer when you don’t have all the facts – such bad karma. I mean… really? That’s going to help her? That’s going to soothe her hurt? What she probably needs right now is your support and your love and your assurance that you love her for who she is no matter what. If you are really so angry that you need to let out some steam physically – go punch a pillow or jog a couple of miles or something. Seriously.

    Gmskarka – I can guess but obviously I don’t know what exactly passed between you and D, that’s between you and her. It may be that you apologized, but it also may be that she’s not ready to accept that apology, or that what passed between you was more than just an apology will ‘fix’. Actions always speak louder than words, but sometimes words hurt more. If you are her friend, BE her friend. Speak up when you have something to say, but once it’s said, hopefully you’ll allow her to consider your words and make her own decisions. In the meantime, BE her friend and support her and love her no matter what she chooses, even if you can’t be around her because of her choices.

    And that’s all I have to say about that.


  5. WTF??? It must be so sad to live a life so devoid of interest, that you have to be obsessed with being a stalking jerkwad. I lost a freaking co-worker who went in with skin cancer, granted a lot of it that he never took care of until it was too late. Especially, when you know it runs in your family, and it does in mine too, you know that you have to be vigilant.

    Well, perhaps I shouldn’t comment really because I couldn’t actually finish all of his inarticulate rantings in one go. Someone needs to tell him that you can only look down on someone and do the “look sparky” dance, when you are actually able to look down.

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