Even in the midst of drama….

….my friends still make me smile.

A frustrated exclamation from one such friend sent me on a web-search for the meaning of the phrase “Noy Jitat!”

I’m smiling now.

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  1. I understand. I felt the same way when had let us know how to spell and pronounce “Yatta!” for Hiro. It’s a happy feeling when geek speaks to geek.

  2. Re: I got it all frelled up

    I was gonna say ‘original or new BSG’ ’cause I know I have been using ‘frak’ for quite some time…

  3. Dude, I found it very hard to support either of you guys at first because it just looked like the whole of LJ was being hosed down by testosterone.

    So a slap on the wrist to both of you for that.

    Now that that’s out of the way, Being a guy who I’ve known (and known of) for some time, I’ll offer whatever support I can.

  4. Sorry to disturb your sensitivities. Next time some asshole who doesn’t know me at all rips into me publicly, and says that I “don’t have cancer”, I’ll be sure to be all meek, midwestern and non-confrontational about it, since apparently coming to my own defense makes us *equally* culpable here in bizarro-world.

  5. I think I just hit on one of the problems with teh intarwebs here. I was attempting to inject a tiny bit of humor and give sympathy and support. I obviously didn’t come across that way, sorry about that.

  6. I’ll be happy to. Attempts to marginalize or deny the existence a disease – any disease, but especially one as serious as cancer – is out of line by every standard of civility I know of. In a more general sense, ad-hominem attacks are pretty crap form to begin with.

  7. I will say here that just because you cannot see that people said something doesn’t mean they didn’t. It didn’t necessarily change anything, but things have been said.

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