More Pulp-y Goodness!

Thanks to the kind efforts of , I now have the first three editions of the new reprints of The Shadow to go along with the Doc Savage reprints I mentioned earlier this week!

As the hip kids say: HELLZ Yeah.

(A convention sketch from Mike Kaluta and Dave Stevens. Nifty, ain’t it?)

10 Replies to “More Pulp-y Goodness!”

  1. Doc Savage and The Shadow…..

    …in actual pulp-sized paperbacks, rather than the small books….

    …with the original accompanying interior artwork…..

    How’s that resolve now?

  2. Learning about the interior illustrations put me on the brink. Thinking again that some of these stories hadn’t seen reprint during the 70s and 80s, when I fell into them, has pretty much broken me.

    I’ll talk to my friendly neighborhood supplier soon.

    Listening to “Crime in the Pale Moonlight” certainly didn’t strengthen my resolve, and now I have to stay away from music stores for a while lest I break the bank on jazz.

  3. Re: Brilliant

    Good question — I should ask him. (I went out to dinner with him once after a Con in NYC, although I doubt he still remembers me.)

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