Planet Comicon

Last post, then I’m back to work. SwearTaGawd.

The first weekend in May is Planet ComiCon at the Overland Park International Trade Center at 115th & Metcalf. Check out the site — looks like it’ll be pretty cool.

Any of my fellow gay porn superhero fans want to go?

S’il Vous Plait Tuez-moi Maintenant.

Sitting here in the Union, working on the novel. A couple of guys sit down near me and start studying between classes.

One of them brays out the following: “Doo Eskuh Two Vains?”

WTF? What language is that — apparently his friend knew, and mumbled some response.

Again, the first guy twangs: “Doo Eskuh Two Vains?”

It took me a minute to realize that he was trying to say (and horribly butchering) “D’où est-ce que tu viens?” (Where do you come from)

Good Lord.

The Perfect Answer

Now that Congress has passed the Iraq War funding bill, containing a deadline for troop withdrawal, I expect that the right-wing noise machine will be filled with the whole “Defeatocrats cutting and running/harming the troops” meme.

To which I have the perfect response. Feel free to use it in conversation with your local wingnut, online, or in letters to your local paper:

“Well, gosh — The President told us that we won this war four years ago. Isn’t it time for our victorious soldiers to come home? I mean, after all….the President wouldn’t make a mistake like that, or lie to us, or flip-flop on his opinion, right? We won. War’s over.”