Planet Comicon

Last post, then I’m back to work. SwearTaGawd.

The first weekend in May is Planet ComiCon at the Overland Park International Trade Center at 115th & Metcalf. Check out the site — looks like it’ll be pretty cool.

Any of my fellow gay porn superhero fans want to go?

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  1. Curious

    I never really got in to comics. Though I am going to hunt the Anita Blake ones down soon.

    Just curious as to what your favs. are and what you love about them?

  2. Re: Curious

    I’ve been reading comics since I was 6 or 7, so I have way too many favorites to list over the past 30 years. My two favorite characters, though, are Green Lantern and Doctor Strange.

    Green Lantern because it’s essentially a story of a knight — part of a larger order, dedicated to protecting the weak, with a power based entirely on the overcoming of fear and the projection of will.

    Doctor Strange because I’ve always loved the idea of a modern sorcerer.

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