Comey Testimony — Do you know about it?

Have any of you heard about the testimony of former deputy attorney general James Comey?

The testimony where he revealed (here’s a direct transcript) that Alberto Gonzales (then the White House Counsel) and White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card tried to get the drugged and hospitalized Attorney General, John Ashcroft, to authorize the warrantless wiretapping program in March 2004—after Comey, as acting attorney general and following Ashcroft’s instructions, denied the authorization because of the program’s illegality….

The testimoney revealed that the President himself had called and ordered Card and Gonzales to go see Ashcroft in the hospital, and that Comey raced to the hospital to prevent them from getting the disoriented Ashcroft to overrule him….and that it was only the presence of armed FBI agents with orders from FBI Director Mueller to make sure that Card and Gonzales didn’t meet with Ashcroft alone that prevented them from getting what they wanted.

Jesus fucking Christ.

NBC is the only major broadcast media outlet that has covered this story — everybody else is talking about the Republican debate, Falwell’s death, etc.

We have DIRECT TESTIMONY that Bush ordered his men to get authorization of a program that they’d already been told was illegal. That means that it was a known felony. Bush directly involved, knowingly committing a crime.

At what point does Impeachment actually get put on the table? Not to mention that this means that Gonzales committed perjury when he testified that there was “no strong Justice Department objections” to the eavesdropping program.

As usual, Comedy Central is offering better coverage than most media outlets:

For chrissakes people…

Coolest Science/Music Geek Thing EVER.

UCLA molecular biologists have turned protein sequences into original compositions of classical music.

They assigned chord sequences to various amino acids, and then “mapped” out various protein sequences, creating original music as a result.

You can hear example tracks here at one of the faculty’s websites.

Heh. They’re in MIDI format, which means I could import them into my composition software, change the instrument designations, and then add effects, new instruments, etc. Maybe I should do a “remix” of hemoglobin glycera, for example….