Recommended Anime?

OK, so here’s the deal — I used to be big into anime, a looooooong time ago. “Back in the day”, as the hip kids say. We’re talking late 80s – early 90s. Hell, it was why I started studying East Asian languages.

Back when I was into it (when we had to walk uphill, in the snow, both ways), it was something that you could really only get at conventions, or if you were on good terms with your local Asian market who carried bootlegs. “Fansubs” were dot-matrix print-outs from USENET that you read while watching.

Most of what was available was space-opera-mecha-sci-fi, or cyberpunk-action-sci-fi, or ninja-riffic. Now, though, there’s a wide array of genres, and it’s all very available, whether legitimately or via Teh IntarTubes.

So, here’s your chance. Give me recommendations of fairly recent anime that you enjoy. The more unique the better. Be sure to tell me why you like it.

Shark Virgin Birth Confirmed

Holy crap —

Female sharks can fertilize their own eggs and give birth without sperm from males, according to a new study of the asexual reproduction of a hammerhead at an Omaha, Nebraska zoo.

Read the story here.

The perfect predator can reproduce through parthenogenesis. Yikes.