The Cheney Coup

The Washington Post is doing a multi-part series about the things it has uncovered about the Vice Presidency of Dick Cheney. This is, perhaps, the most explosive journalistic work the Post has done since blowing the lid off Watergate in the 70s, but it seems to be barely getting any notice.

The series has revealed:

* How Cheney engineered the presidential order that denied terrorism suspects access to courts, and then made sure that it was not subjected to review by anyone else.

* How Cheney spied on others in the White House — enacting a system where he’d read supposedly confidential communications between Condoleeza Rice and her subordinates, without notification.

* How Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice didn’t find out about Cheney’s “torture memo” (which makes a radical reversal of established US detention and interrogation policy, in ways that would seriously impact on our standing in the world) until they read about it in the newspapers two years later.

There’s more. Much more. In short, the Washington Post is documenting the fact that Dick Cheney has enacted an internal coup…..against not only the country, but the rule of law itself.

Read the series here, at the WashPo website. The final installment comes out tomorrow.

Pass this link on to everyone you know. This stuff needs to be known.

4 Replies to “The Cheney Coup”

  1. massive changes need to happen…

    i dont know what aside from just starting over from the beginning again with a constitutional and bill of rights base.

    I would give anything to see cheney brought to trial in a world court.

    Yes I know it will never happen.

    mores the shame on us all.

  2. Cheney

    I was just about to write my own expression piece on Cheney when this stuff started coming out. This is all as I suspected. And since Bush is such a twit I suspect that most of the administration’s policies from the instituting of fascism, the abandonment of due process, and blatant violation of Constitutional principles and more can all be laid at King Dick’s dirty little door. We can only hope that the words impeachment and indictment will begin to surface in the appropriate circles.

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