The Senate Judiciary Committee has subpoenaed the White House, Vice President Dick Cheney’s office, the Justice Department and the National Security Council for documents relating to the warrantless eavesdropping program.


Of course, this just means that the shit is going to hit the fan, because (to directly quote the story) the White House gave no indication that it would comply.

Can you say ‘Constitutional Crisis?’ I knew that you could.

We’re heading to a precipice, folks — exactly the nightmare scenario that people feared would occur during the Nixon administration: That Congress would exercise its Constitutional authority of oversight, and the President would refuse it. Even Nixon was smart enough, in the end, to back down and resign. Bush is certainly not that smart, and Cheney (who, as the Washington Post has fairly conclusively revealed is actually the de facto ruler of this country) is far too authoritarian to come under heel.

I fully expect the corporate media to portray this question of pure Constitutional authority as ‘partisan politics’ on the part of the Democrats, too. Can’t tell the Sheeple that there’s a battle going on against an out-of-control “unitary executive,” after all. That’s way too scary.

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  1. I’ll bet that with Cheney’s goofy assertion that he’s not part of the executive branch due to his role as president of the Senate, Bush will somehow contend that since he’s Cheney’s boss, he clearly cannot be part of the executive branch either and therefore could not be held accountable by the FISA Act.

    Supreme Court Justice in Black: Truly, you have a dizzying intellect.
    Bush: Wait ’til I get going! Now, where was I?
    Supreme Court Justice in Black: The White House.
    Bush: Yes, The White House. And you must have suspected I would have known the Constitution’s origin, so I can clearly not be part of the executive branch.
    Supreme Court Justice in Black: You’re just stalling now.
    Bush: You’d like to think that, wouldn’t you? You’ve beaten my Attorney General, which means you’re exceptionally strong, so you could’ve put the subpoena in your own branch, trusting on your strength to save you, so I can clearly not be part of the legislative branch. But, you’ve also bested my Vice President, which means you must have studied, and in studying you must have learned that man is mortal, so you would have put the subpoena as far from yourself as possible, so I can clearly not part of the judiciary branch.
    Supreme Court Justice in Black: You’re trying to trick me into giving away something. It won’t work.

  2. So I am really tired and a bit cranky…

    And when I read this line… I simply flipped off my computer.

    “It’s unfortunate that congressional Democrats continue to choose the route of confrontation.”

    Because the congressional Dem’s should really just bend over so we can practice using our strap-on’s. Seriously.

  3. what if anything could have sped this process up…oh say 5-6 years ago.

    Congresscritters with spines?

    News Orgs actually interesting in disclosing the truth?

    Just wondering here.

  4. In my view this situation is worse that in the Nixon Era because I have serious doubts that the corporate media will manage to report/investigate things properly.

  5. A subpoena is a lovely thought, but the simple fact is, if Cheney ignores it (as he’s basically ignored every other such attempt to challenge his “prerogatives” by any agency or individuals for the past six years), there’s not much in the way of consequences. You see, if he ignores it and gets charged with Contempt of Congress, it’s up to the discretion of the Justice Department (remember them?) to actually enforce it.

  6. Then we get to see if the Congressional will includes the impeachment of Gonzales. After all, they took down Nixon after ablating a sufficient number of his protective subordinates.

  7. I won’t hold my breath until it goes through. Expect the Bushies to stonewall past the end of their terms, and expect the corporate media (I like that term) to phrase things in the language of partisan politics rather than what this is: the last thrashing of an administration attempting to convert the US to a Fascist state.

  8. Your fame will live on in the “memory” list of 10001 LJ’ers (via Metaquotes) because that, my dear sir/madam, is the funniest fucking thing I’ve read in an ever so long time.


  9. If I gotta be (in)famous for something, combining political satire with a good movie seems like a pretty good thing.

    Glad to bring Teh Funnay when I can.

    And, ah, sorry Gareth for the unintentional threadjack.

  10. The last 3 or 4 administrations have passed laws about police powers that could easily turn us into a fascist state if they were enforced. Some of the things Clinton passed were way more intrusive than the Patriot Act. They just were “lost” in the shuffle on TV News.

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