Spent a large part of yesterday watching the various LIVE EARTH performances from around the world. Good stuff.

and and I were watching Duran Duran perform from Wembley, when suddenly a cut-away shot of the crowd revealed David Tennant (sitting next to his girlfriend, Sophie Miles — who played Madame de Pompadour in last season’s The Girl in the Fireplace)….at which point two thirty-something women spontaneously squealed like teenagers.

Heh. Busted!

4 Replies to “OMG”

  1. I am only marginally ashamed that I, too, would squeal.

    I have two violent fangirl crushes: David Tennant, and Jon Stewart. I suppose it could be worse…

  2. Well, I will have the world know that it happens to feel completely fantastic to squeal like a teenager, especially now that I am in my 30s.

    Thank you again for such fun and conversation!!!

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