Wireless update….

Just heard back from 2WIRE. They’re sending me a replacement power supply.

To recap:

AT&T’s solution: Order a new wireless set-up. Price: $100+

Manufacturers’ solution: “Sorry about that,” send a replacement power supply. Price: ZERO.


There’s no place li– AW, HELL!

So, our flight ended up being delayed by two and a half hours. Finally got home at 11-something local time. Boo.

Woke up today to discover that the power supply on my wireless router appears to have gone tits-up. Boo.

Scrounged until I found the older, non-wireless DSL modem, hooked that back up, and after a bit of searching, discovered that the power supply issue is apparently well-known. Tons of AT&T/Yahoo DSL customers reporting the issue, after about 18 months or so of wireless use. AT&T’s response is to try to get you to buy an entirely new modem/router. I’m trying, instead to get a replacement power supply from the manufacturer. We’ll see how it goes.

Not how I wanted to start my day back at work. BIG BOO.