Kids…no, scratch that… Teens.

Maggie and Ian are visiting this week, for the first time since the wedding in October.

In October, they looked like kids.


Maggie’s grown about 4 inches. She’s nearly 14, and she looks 17.

Ian’s grown at least 4 inches, and possibly as much as 6. He’s lanky and his voice is changing, cracking back and forth between the kid-voice I know and a deeper near-baritone. He’s 12, and is taller than his sister.

Only seeing them a couple of times a year really makes the changes stark.

4 Replies to “Kids…no, scratch that… Teens.”

  1. I hear you. I’m not sure when exactly I’ll get to see my kids again — could be in a few weeks, could be in a few months — but I do know that when I sent them to their father, they had definitely grown even since Christmas. They grow so fast.

    My son turned 14 this month, and his voice has been getting deeper; he’s sounding more and more like his father, at least over the phone. He grew a lot over the year he’d been here in Texas. This time last year, he was about 4’10”, 4’11”; he’s now 5’4″. I swear he’s going to end up taller than me and his father. (His father and I are approximately the same height.)

    My daughter is 12, but looks about 14. Not more than that, thank goodness, but I can foresee trouble for her down the line as she gets older. Let’s just say I plan on having an impressive collection of knives, from the pretty Hibbens to the very useful Henckels, by the time she’s old enough to date.

  2. To me, they will still always be the toddlers who managed to take one small square of chocolate and cover themslves and my shirt with it while trying to get me to pick them up. Haha.

    Enjoy the visit! :)

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