Finished “Dealthy Hallows”…..

Overall, I liked it.

However, I found such heavy amounts of politcal commentary in it, I wonder why Rowling didn’t just call it Harry Potter and the NeoCon Menace. Stop hitting me in the head with that hammer, J.K……

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  1. I decided to rethink the entire series now much like Lucas told us to rethink Star Wars at the end of Return of the Jedi. He said it was always about Anakin and his fall followed by redemption. We all said WTF at the time and then he beat it into us with the prequels. Now, I think the whole HP series is really about the downfall and redemption of Severus Snape and Harry is just the upstart punk who is the vehicle for him getting to that point.

  2. Lucas has ret-conned the STAR WARS series so many times that I’m surprised nobody has offered him a job at DC comics yet.

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