Indy Title Announced!

Full story at the Indiana Jones official website.

Personally, I would’ve dropped the “Kingdom of” — “Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull” sounds better to me….or, if the Kingdom is more important to the plot than the skull itself, then I’d probably have gone with “Indiana Jones and the Lost Kingdom.” The title, as it is, sounds a bit too wordy for me.


The film opens on Memorial Day next year.

11 Replies to “Indy Title Announced!”

  1. You know, however, on theater marquees around North America, it’s simply going to be referred to as “INDY 4”, or even the less formal “INDY”.

    All that said, it’s good to see one more movie in the franchise…

  2. Which, given the genre, is not necessarily a bad thing…..

    (Then again, I must be one of about two dozen people worldwide who actually LIKED the Phantom movie…)

  3. Well, its more like Connery said no to them, I think. No sure about Rhys-Davies other than he’s definitely not in it (unless there’s a surprise cameo).

    Karen Allen returns, though.

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