Good News (for a change)

A follow-up to the Lieberman-Kyl Amendment story that I posted:

We won.

Tens of thousands of calls and emails hit Congress, and as a result, the two most offensive paragraphs (3 and 4, the ones I quoted) — the ones which amounted to a declaration of war on Iran, were removed in their entirety.

It’s not much (we all know that if Bush & Cheney want to go to war, they will, regardless of us or Congress), but at least it’s something.

7 Replies to “Good News (for a change)”

  1. They voted on a modified version of the amendment. Voting record on that modified version here.

    I rather like Joe Biden’s opening statement on his opposition to it: “I will oppose the Kyl-Lieberman amendment for one simple reason: this administration cannot be trusted.”


  2. That’s… a relief. I saw that the amendment passed, but at the moment didn’t have time to go read the article (assuming it would only piss me off/scare me more). I wish the headline had read “modified amendment”…

    THANK you for posting.

  3. Now, now — if they ran a headline like that, people might get the idea that they can actually change the course of their government. Can’t have THAT.

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