9 Replies to “The Doctor vs The Sontarans”

  1. Okay, I think it’s cool they’re using the Sontarans again, but that *really* looks like one of those cut-out photo op things, with a buff body and a Sontaran sticking his head through from behind. :)

  2. “You’re a little short for a stromtrooper.”

    It’s an interesting styllized re-work of Sontaran battle armor, but the powder blue does make them look less like Juddoon.

    Mike from The Young Ones doesn’t look terribly intimidating, but hey, it’s a promo shot.

  3. Re: “You’re a little short for a stromtrooper.”

    Apparently, that’s not Chris Ryan (Mike). According to the PR, it’s Dan Starkey. Supporting clone, I guess. :)

  4. My familiarity with DR. Who pre-ninth incarnation is somewhat sporadic. There are a lot of things with which I’m very familiar, and others about which I know almost nothing.

    All of which is by way of asking, what’s the deal with the Sontarans? What are they about?

  5. Hmmmm. I dig the armor, but the promo pics give the guy this strange sort of lost-puppy-dog look to his face. I always liked the inherent surliness of the classic Sontaran potatohead. Not capable of many expressions, but they were all threatening.

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