For the Record…..

Just marking this down so that it’s on the public record…..

Today, Louis Porter bought the following products from Adamant Entertainment:

  • Imperial Age Magick
  • Imperial Age: Advanced Class – Alienist
  • Imperial Age: Advanced Class – Monster Hunter
  • Imperial Age: Spiritualism
  • The GameMaster’s Guidebook to Victorian Adventure

    I expect that we’ll be seeing copycat products from him on those topics within the next few months. Remember, you heard it here first.

  • 15 Replies to “For the Record…..”

    1. A disagreeable man?

      Just wondering; does he have any idea how low an opinion most people (that I’ve talked to, at least)in the biz have of him? Does he even care to know? Never met him; even knowing what little I do now, I don’t think I’d go out of my way for the pleasure, either.


    2. Re: A disagreeable man?

      Oh, he knows. He doesn’t care — he thinks (to quote his blog) “MOST RPG publishers barely can spell “business” so they have this idea that we are all “good buddies”

      So, apparently, the fact that the rest of us make an effort to be ethical and have respect for one another (or, *gasp!* even worse — consider other publishers to be our friends) makes us all naive dopes who are going to fall before the might of his SUP3R DUP3R BIZNEZZ SKILLZ, or something.

    3. I’ve ran into him a couple of times at GenCon over the years. He always seems to have a chip on his shoulder and a tremendous amount of contempt for other creators. I got the impression he doesn’t even like other gamers.

      Isn’t the first time I’ve ran into the no-one-appreciates-my-genius-and-I’ll-show-them-mwa-ha-ha-ha gamer/writer/creator.

      I’ve seen some of his stuff. It isn’t bad, just nothing at all out of the ordinary.

    4. “I’ve seen some of his stuff. It isn’t bad, just nothing at all out of the ordinary.”

      But is that the stuff he wrote himself, or the stuff he copied off other people?


    5. if you started selling a Gay RPG system, and I bought it from you, would that mean you have the right to broadcast to all and sundry that I had bought the game?

    6. I suspect that he’s being “clever.” Mr. “Lawbag” doesn’t like me, yet seems unable to tear himself away from my journal.

    7. A Gay RPG system? Please do elaborate.

      This, according to many on teh intarwebs…

      (or is that a “ghey” RPG system? Who can keep track these days…?)

    8. Well, you know, I have been told that calling MARS “The Roleplaying Game of Planetary Romance” made it girly.

      So, I guess I have caught teh ghey as well.

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