I’m Ready For My Close-up…..

As I mentioned a while back, I was interviewed by the AP for a forthcoming article on ePublishing.

Well, today (right now, in fact), the AP photographer is here to shoot the pics to go with the article. He’s currently setting up some giant sod-off lighting rig in my office.


This is very surreal.

7 Replies to “I’m Ready For My Close-up…..”

  1. I must have missed your earlier post about being interviewed (I missed an entire week of LJ due to illness), so here’s a belated congrats! How did it go?

  2. It went well. I’m just waiting to hear when it goes live on the wire — which means it could appear in anything from Yahoo News, to CNN.com, to a local paper in Adelaide Australia, to the Business section of the New York Times.

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