ePublishing AP Story Released….

The AP story on ePublishing that I’ve mentioned here has been released:

Slow-Starting E-Books Find Niche Markets

Quite a few misquotes (mostly of the variety of combining things I said separately, out of context, into single statements — often completely wrong). Irritating.

Ah well — it’s a wire story, with a photo, and (more importantly) a correct link to my business website. Can’t complain, really.

Kid-friendly TORCHWOOD

I figured that with Martha appearing in Series 2, they would have to do something like this.

Specially-edited “kid-friendly” versions of the TORCHWOOD series 2 episodes will air a few days after each first-run episode.

They had made an effort to keep the shows separate, but with a WHO companion appearing, I can’t see as they had any choice but to do this. Although, I suppose this means that series 2 won’t have any episodes where the adult content drives the plot (like series 1’s “Day One” and its sex-driven alien) — otherwise the edited version would be about 12 minutes long!

Well, That’s Just Peachy.

Forgot to post about this.

Back in January, during the whole Happy Fun Cancer Dance, part of my treatment included a CT scan. (As friends will remember, it was the worst part of the entire process for me — major claustrophobia attack, as I had to be run through twice (because I’m tall), and so spent more than an hour in a small hole.)

The other day, I was listening to NPR and heard a story (which you can listen to here) about recent studies that show that CT scans *cause* cancer in thousands of people every year, delivering dosages of radiation far in excess of normal x-rays. The NPR story said that a single CT dosed the patient with radiation roughly equal to that received by people who were one mile away from the Nagasaki bombing.

…and I was run through TWICE.

Here’s an AP Story on it, for those who don’t have time for the audio.