ePublishing AP Story Released….

The AP story on ePublishing that I’ve mentioned here has been released:

Slow-Starting E-Books Find Niche Markets

Quite a few misquotes (mostly of the variety of combining things I said separately, out of context, into single statements — often completely wrong). Irritating.

Ah well — it’s a wire story, with a photo, and (more importantly) a correct link to my business website. Can’t complain, really.

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  1. Boy, can I empathize with the being misquoted! But congrats and I hope it help on the way to making you as fulfilled (as, just BTW, as rich) as you deserve to be.

  2. Congratulations! Don’t let it bother you too much about being misquoted; sure it’s INTENSELY frustrating, but in a month (or even less) nobody will care or remember but you. And hopefully the exposure will be worth its weight in gold.


  3. “This porn site requires age verification and a major credit card….”

    Congratulations! The Dutch will be all over this; they can’t get enough of The Skarka!

    Nice product placement!

  4. The irony is there are print books on the tabletop…

    Still, that’s some pretty good coverage, and most AP reports get picked up quite extensively.

  5. Well, as a home educating RPG’er, I guess I need an e-book reader now, as it looks like “Le e-book market, c’est moi”.

    Seriously, I didn’t know Stewart had anything to do with homeschool e-store: this has resulted in an uptick in coolness for both in my completely arbitrary world.

  6. You may not be perfectly satisfied but all in all I think this is a good representation for our industry. I notice that the writer managed to pick probably the most sensational titles in your entire catalog to use in the article! It’s also good of you to provide such an excellent example of all the RPG industry personnel who work at home; no doubt you and your office always look that way when you work, right? ;)

  7. That’s just freaky. I’ve been stunned at just how wide this thing has gone — I mean, I know it was AP going in, but somehow it didn’t really hit for me until this morning. NY Times Business section, BusinessWeek, CNN Money, The Washington Post, etc. etc.

    I’m kinda flabbergasted.

  8. Gareth, I’ll be mentioning this on the next Digital Front (out as soon as my laptop decides to connect to the wireless network, or later this week). Would you like to correct the misquotes? If so, email me and let me know what they were.

    Overall, very cool and awesome, both for you and for our corner of the industry.

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