Top Dems Were Briefed on Torture in 2002

Per the Washington Post — read and get pissed off.

It wasn’t just incompetence and spinelessness on the part of the “opposition party.” They were complicit.

This is why I expect nothing to come of the so-called investigation into the CIA tapes issue.

This is why Bush and Cheney will never be impeached, or prosecuted for their crimes in any way.

They’re *all* responsible.

6 Replies to “Top Dems Were Briefed on Torture in 2002”

  1. While I didn’t precisely foresee this turn of events, I’m saddened to admit that I’m not surprised…. WTF!

    Congrats on the article from last week BTW.

  2. Fuck, fuck, fuck.

    Not shocked, but still…

    This is why the only candidates I can truly support in this election are the ones who have no chance of making it. (Kucinich, et al.)

  3. And I’ve just seen a poll on, asking if it’s ever okay to waterboard a prisoner.

    54% of respondents said “yes.”

    Fuck the lot of them. I’m not sure the country that I want to see saved even still exists. :-/

  4. I don’t need to read the article behind the cut. I could’ve told you that everyone on the hill was corrupt and part of the problem from the start. “Power corrupts” and all that. So if power corrupts, what does that say about someone who spends their adult life seeking power over others?

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