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Here we go again…remember, if you’re enjoying this, please speak up!

First off — David Bowie has released a new boxed set of rarities from his 90s and later output. Lots of unreleased material. For example — Bowie provided a track for the mediocre religious-horror movie Stigmata. I loved the song in the film, and so ran out and got the soundtrack, only to find out that the version on the CD is not the version used in the movie. Now, the film-only version has been released, as part of this boxed set: David Bowie – “The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell (Stigmata Film-Only Mix)”

Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings did an amazing live set for Santa Monica’s public radio station, KCRW, last week, and recordings of it have been posted online. It should be no surprise that their live stuff is as brilliant as their studio work. Check out this amazing retro-ized cover of Janet Jackson: Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings – “What Have You Done For Me Lately?”

Emilie Autumn has released a new limited edition 2-disc CD, hot on the heels of last year’s Opheliac (which I posted tracks from almost exactly a year ago). This new release, Laced/Unlaced is all instrumental. Disc one (Laced) are the virtuoso recordings made of her as a teenager, performing Bach, Corelli, Ortiz, etc., as well as original compositions, performed with period instruments (Harpsichord, Violin, etc.). Disc two (Unlaced) are recent instrumental compositions in her trademark “victoriandustrial” style — electric violin, guitar, drums, electronica…. Good stuff. Here’s a track from the second disc, which starts sort of period-ish, and then changes: Emilie Autumn – “Syringe.”

Now, some more classic South African pop from Johnny Clegg and Savuka — this is the track that introduced the group to me: it was the lead single from their US Debut, Shadow Man. Johnny Clegg and Savuka – “Take My Heart Away.”

Sometimes, I just want to hear this song — and it gets a helluva lot less airplay than “White Room” or “Sunshine of your Love.” I still think this is their best: Cream – “Tales of Brave Ulysses.”

Yes, it’s goofy. Yes, it was used in that absolutely horrid 80s movie, Iron Eagle. But damn it, I loved this song, and putting it in my walkman made me feel like I was rocketing through the skies in a fighter plane, dogfighting with eeevil Russians, rather than just pedaling my ass off on Johnson County bike trails. Face it — it rocks. The synth-string intro, building until broken by Brian May’s guitar….classic stuff. Queen – “One Vision.”

Why this song wasn’t a big hit I’ll never know. I expect it’s probably because it didn’t fit comfortably into any of the Clear Channel – approved radio formats. It was R&B, it was Alternative, it was Pop, it was Soul…. But in 2001, when it was released, nobody knew what to do with it. Brilliant stuff, though: Res – “They Say Vision.”


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  1. I *am* enjoying this.

    Gaming-wise, I gotta admit I was more into your Underworld/HKAT! period but attitude-wise I like your blog and music-wise your Friday music is a breath of fresh air and eclectism. Thanks again for the Dap Kings stuff for example.

  2. I’ve always enjoyed your Friday music. Some of it isn’t for me, sometimes you’ve opened my eyes to new things, and sometimes you unearth gems long buried … like the Johnny Clegg and Savuka for instance!

    And I always cheer on those rare occasions when I already have one in my collection. It’s like a musical lottery!


  3. Kate Nash, now Emilie Autumn,
    I’ve got to start paying more attention to your blog :-)

    I picked up Laced/Unlaced at Whitby this year and was very impressed.
    I’d really like to see Apokalyptica do something similar.
    They play classical pieces with real passion.

  4. Back when the Buzz first became the Buzz…(sometime while I was still living with my dad in Parkville, around ’01/’02) they actually did play “They Say Vision” quite a bit. Of course, this was back when stuff like Michelle Branch and The Calling was still acceptable for their playlists. ^.^ I’m rather fond of that song.

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