8 Replies to “Dark Knight Trailer”

  1. Agreed.

    Ledger’s Joker seems to be somewhere between Nicholson’s and Hammill’s.

    This, by my lights, is a good idea.


  2. There is some Romero in there too. It’s an interesting meld. I’m confident Ledger can pull it off throughout the film, when taken as a continuous portrayal and in context, but his performance seems a bit mish-mash when seen in bits.

  3. All the same, at least it doesn’t fall completely flat. When I saw the first photographs of the new Joker, I was concerned it’d be drastically over-the-top-gritty. You know “I R serious supervillain, this R serious sequel.”

    I was just relieved to see that that’s not the case.

  4. Absolutely. I can see where lines can connect the different deliveries and that Heath has obviously injected the various sides of Joker’s personality. I’m looking forward to The Dark Knight overall.

  5. Swoon.

    I’ve never seen the Joker sexy, but it makes a twisted kind of sense. Which is the best kind of sense for the Joker. He’s exactly the kind of guy who gets love letters from psycho bitches once he’s in jail, and Harley Quinn makes more sense this way too.

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