Neck and Neck!

As we move through the general election, remember that the corporate media has a vested interest in a tight race: It’s dramatic, it’s sexy, and it puts asses in seats — more eyes on the screen, to watch the commercials that the “news” channels show for their sponsors.

The problem is….this isn’t a tight race. At all. And it isn’t likely to be. For historical context — George W. Bush beat John Kerry by 3 percentage points in 2004. At no point in the polling was he more than 6% ahead, and he was never behind.

Here is a look at current projected electoral totals (with links to sources) — the first batch are sites which aggregate state polls (which are often only covered locally, so if you live in NY, for example, you’re unlikely to hear the results of a MO poll)….and then the current projected electoral totals as presented by MSNBC and CNN.

                       Obama  McCain   Net   304    221   Obama +83  300    238   Obama +62

   Real Clear Politics  238    190   Obama +48

   Rasmussen Reports    260    240   Obama +20

   MSNBC                200    200   Tied

   CNN                  190    194   McCain +4

Keep your eyes open, folks.

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