General Update Stuff

1) I’m sick. Apparently, the non-stop go-go-go of “Trip to Maine/Then GenCon/Then Take Kid To College” finally slammed into me like a ton of bricks, direct to my immune system. Bleah.

2) Started feeling off during visit to KCRF yesterday. Aside from that, the afternoon was enjoyable — got to see a lot of people that I’ve missed, which was nice, even if the Festival itself is growing more and more pathetic with each passing year.

3) A quick note for fellow progressive/liberal types. Don’t freak out. The mainstream media will be crowing about the fact that one polling group has McCain ahead of Obama in post-convention national polling. Take a deep breath, and read this calm analysis of the state-by-state polling, showing the electoral map. Don’t freak out — but don’t get complacent, either.

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